Registration for Kimono Dressing Assistance (Deadline: October 26, 2018) / 着付けのお申込(10月26日締切)
Mondale Award and Scholarship Gala 2018
Date: Saturday, November 17th, 2018 / 2018年11月17日土曜日
Location: Oak Ridge Country Club at Hopkins, MN / ホプキンス市 オークリッジカントリークラブ

We will contact you for the appointment and the details before the event. Before you arrive, please review the following:
- Bring 3 koshi himo (fabric ties 3-4 feet long) and 2 thin towels

For each reservation, we request a donation to JASM be made for the service. Acceptable forms of payment include:
- Check (mailed to Japan America Society of Minnesota / 43 Main Street SE / EH-131 / Minneapolis MN 55414)
- PayPal (via the JASM website)


Japan America Society of Minnesota
43 Main Street SE / EH-131 / Minneapolis MN 55414

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Time(s) you are NOT available the day of the Gala. / 当日の午後のうち、ご都合の悪い時間をお知らせください。 *
The type of Kimono you will bring (Furisode, Homongi, Komon, etc.) / ご持参されるお着物の種類 (振袖、訪問着、小紋など) *
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The type of Obi you will bring (Fukuro Obi, Nagoya Obi, etc.) / ご持参される帯の種類(袋帯、名古屋帯など) *
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If you would like your Obi tied in a style other than the Otaiko Musubi (drum bow), please indicate it here. / 帯の結び方は基本、お太鼓結びといたします。ご希望があればご記入ください。
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Which assistance service(s) would you like to request? / ご希望のサービス *
How would you like to make a donation for this service? / 寄付金のお支払い方法 *
If you have any questions, please write them here. / ご質問等ございましたら、以下に詳細をご記入ください。
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