Charlestown Advisory Group

As we embark on the neighborhood-wide planning process, now is the time to submit your nominations for stakeholders to serve on the project's Advisory Group (AG). Members of the AG will assist the process in exploring issues including, but not limited to, land use, mobility, climate resilience, open space, education, historic assets, and neighborhood character.

The AG must represent a diversity of interests from Charlestown community. Nominations should include those with knowledge about the local community, including: local residents (both renters and owners), local business owners, the young people of Charlestown, property owners, and local advocacy groups; as well as those with technical expertise in the fields of city planning architecture, urban design, and real estate.

Advisory Group Roles and Responsibilities
• Members of the AG are required to attend all planning meetings
• Advise on planning process and neighborhood-specific issues
• Encourage interest and participation around planning for the future
• Be an engine for ideas and innovation
• Bring topical expertise and perspective to the process
• Communicate information back to neighborhood groups and other affiliates
• Assist with outreach and spreading the word about the planning initiative

Advisory Group Objectives
• To be an ambassador for the community
• To promote excellence in planning
• To provide deep understanding & expertise about issues specific to the community
• To be a sounding-board for the community needs and aspirations
• To be a solution generator

Advisory Group Time Commitment and Term of Service
• Members will remain active for the entirety of the planning process
• Time commitment is approximately 1 meeting per month, over a multi-year period
• Members are expected to be active participants at all PLAN: Charlestown events

• Members agree to treat all participants of the process with respect and actively listen
• Member shall actively support all voices so that they may be heard

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