DNA Recombination Project Data Collection
You can take part in a genetic recombination research project. Andrew Lee of Family History Fanatics (www.familyhistoryfanatics.com) is conducting a research project on DNA recombination. In order to do this analysis a grandparent kit will be compared to a grandchild kit using the Gedmatch One-to-One tool. Results of aggregate data will be publicly released to compare with previous research and identify areas or patterns that should be looked at more. Any data on individuals will be anonymized (kit numbers not included) if they are discussed or published as part of the results.

In order to participate, all you need is a grandchild-grandparent pair of Gedmatch kit numbers (this could be you and a grandparent, your child and your parent, or you and a grandchild). Contact information is optional and will only be used if further questions arise, all contact information and kit numbers will be kept strictly confidential and not sold or shared with third parties. Please ensure that you get permission from anyone whose kit number you submit (parents may provide consent for minor children, people who are deceased do not need to provide consent). Consent may be written (i.e. via email) or oral (i.e. via phone call).

You can submit as many pairs as you have kit # available (i.e. if you had 4 grandchildren kits matched with one grandparent, then you can make 4 submissions). Only one paternal or one maternal grandparent is needed - grandmothers are preferred (for X chromosome information) but any grandparents will provide useful data. Look for results in the future on Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel.

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