Are you willing to pay for a sustainable food container?
Every year more than 1 million styrofoam boxes are being used on Bonaire for take-out meals. These styrofoam boxes are becoming an increasing problem on our tiny island. Styrofoam takes longer to decompose than the time that has elapsed since styrofoam was invented, which means it does not go away. Boneiru Duradero would like to know if residents of, and tourists visiting Bonaire, are willing to pay a little bit extra for a sustainable alternative: for example biological degradable food containers. May we please ask you to join this cause by answering 3 shorts questions, your effort could help make a difference.
It is important to stop using styrofoam food containers on Bonaire
I am willing to pay extra for a meal in a sustainable food container
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I am not willing to pay extra because:
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