The Bad Kids Educator Toolkit Survey
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Your feedback will help support The Bad Kids in getting to more schools across the country.
Did you screen The Bad Kids film in its entirety, or use the film clips?
What audience(s) did you use the film and/or clips with? Click all that apply.
Did you use any part of The Bad Kids Educator Toolkit in your educational setting?
How much did having access to the Educator Toolkit influence your decision to use The Bad Kids?
Not at all
Very much
Which parts of the toolkit did you use (select all that apply)?
Did you use the short videos in conjunction with the professional development sessions and/or lessons you marked above?
How often have you discussed or taught about the themes in The Bad Kids in the past?
Very often
To what extent did the Educator Toolkit enable you to delve deeper into those topics?
Not at all
Very much
If you used the Classroom Lessons, how engaged were your students during the lessons?
Not at all
Very engaged
How likely are you to recommend The Bad Kids Educator Toolkit to a friend or colleague?
Not at all
Very likely
Please share a positive moment you encountered using these materials with faculty & staff/students/parents/other community group that stood out to you.
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