OCDSB eLearning Summer School Registration -Request Form for Colonel By Secondary School - ONLY COOP and Academic Upgrade (limited options) see below.
INSTRUCTIONS for Parents/Guardians and Students:
Please complete and submit this form. Your child's guidance counsellor will register the student online using the Ontario eLearning Consortium registration website (PRISM).

eLEARNING summer school will run Tuesday, 30 June - Tuesday, 28 July (Dates may vary, if registered in out-of-board class). In class - or Face to Face - summer school will NOT be offered this year.

Access to a device and internet will be necessary as students will need to work at least 6-8 hours every weekday on their course.

PLEASE monitor your email to verify details of your registration. It is normal and expected that all students are "waitlisted" as a first step; registration emails will follow as placements occur.
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Please note eLearning online classes are identified with the letter "T" or number "6".
If you selected Academic Upgrade, please select the course below.
In many ways learning online is like learning in a classroom. Students still read, work independently or as a member of a group, complete assignments and interact with their classmates and teacher. However, instead of being in the same place at the same time you learn and collaborate online in the OCDSB Virtual Learning Environment. While students should plan to spend a minimum of 6-8 hours per weekday on their eLearning course, they will have some flexibility to choose when they work during the day as long as they meet course due dates & times. Students do not work through the course at their own speed. Each course is facilitated by a teacher who controls the timing of the course to encourage collaboration and enable effective feedback.

Important to Note:
● Students should NOT schedule vacations, travel, employment, etc. during the June 30 – July 28 Summer School time period. Timelines/due dates will not be adjusted to accommodate absences.
● Students will need to be available for oral assessments/final course evaluations and should plan to be residing locally (or at least in the same time zone) for the duration of their summer school course.
● A student may only be registered for only one Summer School course of any kind in the July Summer School Session (i.e., one In-Class Reach Ahead course or one eLearning course.)
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