Air Quality Questionnaire
The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance is surveying residents of South Durban to gather information on air quality problems, promote industry responsibility, and inspire the further education and discussion of air pollution in our communities. Please provide your contact information below and proceed to the questions of the survey.
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Telephone Number
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How would you rate the air quality in your area?
Has the air quality improved or worsened in the past year?
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Has the air quality affected the health of anyone in your community?
What time of the year do you notice air pollution?
What time of the day do you notice air pollution?
How often do you SMELL air quality problems?
What smell(s) do you encounter the most?
How often do you SEE air quality problems?
What sight(s) do you encounter the most?
How often do you FEEL air quality problems?
Which feeling(s) do you encounter the most?
What things would you like to be done in regards to air quality?
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