Code Cafe Spring 2019 Mentor Application
Hello! Thank you for applying to be a mentor for Code Cafe Spring! We'll be teaching Python this semester.

DEADLINE: March 9th
Decision email: Spring break

If you are selected to be one of the 15 mentors, you'll get a free Code Cafe shirt!

Looking to be a student instead of a mentor? Fill out this form instead:

Code Cafe is a free student-run, introductory coding event in which 70+ students of various majors and years attend to learn how to code. Free coffee and snacks will be served!

Here are the location and time details for Code Cafe:
Date: March 30th
Time: 1-6pm (Mentors must come at least 15 to 30 minutes minutes prior )
Location: WALC 1087

Each mentor will go over a pre-built Python curriculum to teach about 4 or more students at a time using the cloud coding environment. In order to get your shirt, you MUST come before or at the start of the event. In addition, mentors are required to wear them for the duration of the event.

If selected, you will be emailed about a week prior when a mandatory mentor orientation meeting will occur, but they would usually occur either on a Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm. During these meetings, we'll go over the curriculum, suggest changes, and go over the format of the event.

Questions or concerns? Check out this FAQ:

Please contact Erik VanderWerf at or on slack if you have any other questions.

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