Welcome Everyone - guide & worksheet
What makes some community spaces thrive, and others struggle or fail?

People, of course – especially how they’re welcomed.

In April 2016, I joined a group of activists and academics in Madrid, Spain, to build software that helps communities self-organize. To see things in action, I reached out to learn from dozens of community spaces, from meditation centers to pop-up events. I learned the most from the PLACE for Sustainable Living, an experiential learning center based in Oakland, California. PLACE is thriving, with urban gardening, coworking, bike repair, art, music, and so much more. Organizers at PLACE improve their community space simply by looking at where things break down in welcoming new people. How? Every month, they invite people to explore the space, connect with peers, and figure out how they can get involved.

If your community is holding gatherings, but struggles to get people involved, this resource can help!

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