Plans for Camp 2020
Given these strange times, we want to ensure a safe return to camp, whenever that may be. We need your input to help us make our decisions going forward.
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Have you already registered and/or are you ready to commit to summer camp 2020?
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Will you wait until things improve before making your decision?
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Which of the following would you deem necessary before you considered sending your child to camp this summer?
Will you skip camp(s) altogether this summer?
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Will you avoid camps in June but (maybe) sign up for something in July?
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If camp had to close this summer, what is your desire/intention for any money you have already paid or will pay for registration?
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Any other suggestions and/or comments?
What do you value most about what summer camp can offer? ( We offer a variety of camps for all ages, so not all options may apply to you. )
A chance to grow in their personal faith
A chance to make new friends
Get them outside and experience the natural world
Get them away from technology
I want them to be in a Christ-centered environment
I want them out of the house for a week
A chance to develop independence
A chance to learn new life skills
Fulfill childcare needs
A chance to build social skills and problem solving skills
Exercise, sports, physical development
Learning about agriculture
Experiencing creative arts (art, crafts, cooking, singing, dancing, theatre, etc)
Camp traditions
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If we offered a free virtual experience from each one of the camps would your camper participate?
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If your camp was able to provide the following resources, would you use them?
Yes, would use if FREE
Yes, would PAY to use
AT CAMP getaway/retreat for your family, with limited or no contact with others
AT CAMP gathering with other families, using recommended safety precautions
AT CAMP hike, explore, and just get outside
AT CAMP day only programs designed for families (e.g. geocaching, nature study, etc.)
ONLINE Virtual camp gatherings, worship or campfire
ONLINE resources for camp games/ activities to do at home
ONLINE or MAILED camp, recipes songs, games, letters, Bible study resources to use at home
ONLINE virtual camp programs, complete with cabin groups, daily meetings and interactions
ONLINE Meeting or Short gathering to meet with staff and friends
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