Perform a Mini Concert
This form will provide a no obligation request to perform in our Live streaming platform.
Dates of performance will be confirmed via email after acceptance.

Mini Concerts are streamed Live from Yousonics studio, QLD Australia or from your own location.

Important : Make sure you view the performers information page here:

The more people you can invite to watch on the date the better E.g, Via Social Media platforms and word of mouth. You will also be required to provide a small promotional photo. We will work with you to help promote your concert and if remote streaming, help you with set up, tech, sound and vision.
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Tech Requirements/ Instruments you are providing if performing from Yousonics studio. Please tick "Not required" if Remote Streaming *
There is limited equipment available in the studio. Currently available for use are : 2 x Mics, 1 Mic stand, PA and monitors, 4 keyboards 2 x 65 key, 1 x 71 key, 1 x 88 key electric Piano weighted. Stages for live streaming are small 2.5 m x 1.5. Compared to a public venues, only basic equipment is required.So try to keep it as "Unplugged" as possible. As it is a compact environment, a minimum of sound volume is required for performance and monitoring.
Detailed description of your act. E.g, Genre, Style, Song list etc *
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Describe your visual stage set, back drop etc
Stage sets or backdrops can be provided via digital or virtual images. These are also available for remote streaming. Alternatively you can provide you own stage set from your location.
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Web Link to any previous live performance E.g, YouTube, Social media etc.
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Terms and Conditions
Performances that contain profanity, discriminatory remarks, or the promotion of criminal activity will not be broadcast.
You agree to arrive 90 minutes before Live streaming and start and finish on time if performing from Yousonics studio
Any cancellation of dates confirmed must be received a minimum 2 weeks before performance
Funds received from viewing will be distributed within 24 hrs to your PayPal account
Funds received from viewing will be distributed to other accounts within 2 weeks.
Yousonics will deduct 20% of those funds for operational costs
Only performers or performers within a group will be allowed in the studio or on the premises.
Strictly no live audience members or visitors will be allowed in the studio or on the premises.
You give Yousonics permission to broadcast your original material
You will not hold Yousonics responsible for any breach of copyright
You agree to actively promote the event via social media or otherwise and not hold Yousonics responsible for audience numbers and/or funds received.
You agree that technical issues from outside internet service providers, third party, and audience members access to their own technology to view Live streaming is beyond our control.
You agree to behave appropriately whilst in the studio and respect others
Yousonics reserves the right to cancel any performance if it does not abide by the terms and conditions
I agree that the dates of performance will be confirmed via email after acceptance of this request
Do you agree to the terms and conditions? *
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