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In order to prepare to build you a great mobile app, we need some basic information concerning your needs. Please answer the questions with as much detail as possible and skip any questions that are not applicable to your situation.
Are you interested in a mobile application or mobile website?
If Mobile app, Would you want us to design a new app or modify an existing one?
If you are modifying an existing app, what will be your objective?
What device(s) is the application expected to work on??
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What is your target market?
What is your target audience?
What are the primary features for the app?
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What are the secondary features for the app?
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Is the app commercial or free?
Does the app include in-app purchases?
Will it be a dynamic or static app?
Dynamic (content changes) / Static (content doesn’t change)
Would you like us to develop a web admin portal to update the content of app or do you have that already?
How frequently will you provide new content to your users?
List out the Operating System you want this app to be launched
Web Services/Technology
Do you already have a web services in place?
If yes, please provide the link where we can obtain this information?
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Are you interested in a monthly maintenance plan which will keep your app current?
How many hours of support per month do you think you will need?
What communication tool you preferred?
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Who in your organization will we be communicating with? In order for communication to be efficient we prefer to receive instructions and feedback from only one person.
Please provide the contact info for this person (Email, Phone, etc)
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What collaboration tools do you prefer to use with us?
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