COVID-19 scientist volunteer opportunity with - Drug Discovery and Repurposing
Hello Fellow Scientists

NSVD has partnered with and wants to bring to your attention an opportunity in the Drug Discovery and Repurposing domain to directly help in the fight against COVID-19. is an open-source, community-based research consortium that uses AI, clinical analytics, and integrated biomedical data for reverse engineering and solving COVID-19. It enables collaboration in a virtual lab between biologists, data scientists, and health professionals. is looking for chemists and research scientists to join the open-source COVID-19 drug discovery and repurposing team. This team has a specific focus on evaluating areas such as disease, pathway, and gene associations, identification of new targets and biomarkers, patient stratification, and predictive toxicology.

More details:
While experience in data science will be helpful it is not required. Experts in structural biology, virology, vaccine development, chemistry, pharmacology, and formulation can all add value to the research team.

Any questions about this opportunity should be sent to Dr. Nupur Verma at

Thank you!
COVID-19 National Scientist Volunteer Database coordination team

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