5a Player Recruitment Form
Rain City Skills has made the dive into making counterweights and 5a in General, so we need a dedicated 5a player on the team!

We are looking for someone with an established presence in one of the online communities, with enough 5a skill to make it look good. You don't need to be a top competitor, just accomplished in 5a.

Ideally we'd like someone to make regular tutorials for the Youtube and Instagram.

If you think you are the right person for the job, please answer the questions below
Name, email address, and the social media platforms you are active on (Facebook, IG, Youtube, REddit, etc)
Do you have an established following on youtube or Instagram?
Please share the best example of your skill. It can be a full trick video, or just one or two trickcircle videos.
Have you made tutorials before? If so, please share a link.
Rain City is weird and wacky, the brand is about having fun with toys. Our team is oddballs and we make a mix of performance and weird yoyos. What can you tell us about yourself that makes you a good fit with the team and the brand image?
Use this box to share anything else you want us to know about you that makes you stand out. Thanks!
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