AVV Podcast Suggestions
Now that we've had a few episodes published, we'd really love some feedback from you guys! Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, we would greatly appreciate it!
Have you listened to at least one episode of our podcast? *
Have you been intrigued enough to listen to the end (or do you find yourself clicking out?) *
Is the audio quality improving (compared to the first two episodes) and what can we do to make the listening experience better? *
Have the titles been too long/un-interesting to click on? Any suggestions on what we can do better? *
Do you prefer recordings with a panel (5 members +) or do you like fewer people (under 3) *
How has the length been? We're trying really hard to cut out a lot of side-bantering and off-topic statements, but they seem to still run on the long side. *
We've got suggestions to introduce ourselves in the beginning, anything else you'd like us to improve on? *
The podcast should be available on many platforms, anything we're missing out on? *
If we uploaded the games we play on Youtube or the podcast in video form on Youtube, would you listen/watch? *
Anything we can improve about our discord server? *
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