AP Lit Summer Reading Submission -Whipple
Read All the Light We Cannot See by Andrew Doerr and complete the blog assignment

Please divide your book into 3 sections (evenly as possible): Using a blog you created in a previous English class or using the attached directions, How to Set up a Blog, you will complete 3 posts including the following:

You will hand in your blog address to your teacher on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (regardless of what semester you have literature)!!!

Please start with a 300 word, thorough summary of the section (can be longer)
Quotes – Pick at least 2 important quotes in the section. Please explain (for each quote) – Why is it important? What does it add to the piece of literature? Why did it stand out to you? What does it foreshadow? What does it reveal? (300 words per quote analysis)
AP Literature Only: Style and Literary Elements – Look at the tone, use of metaphor, simile, allusions, point of view, allegory, motifs, etc. How do they enhance the meaning? Why do you think the author placed them in this particular location? How would the meaning of the text change without this device? In this section, please discuss at least 3 style and/or literary elements. (200 words per element – 600 words total)
Theme – What theme(s) pop out of the text? Why is this important? How does it connect to the rest of the text or what is currently taking place? For each entry, themes may develop or change – I expect to see growth in understanding as you progress in the novel. (200 words)
Personal Response – How does the text make you feel – in the heart, in the spirit, in the mind, on the senses? Why? What windows or doors does it open for you? Why? Does it close anything down for you? What makes this text unique? Why? How did the piece of literature make you speculate about life or find a connection to another text or academic discipline? (300 words)

In the space below, please copy and paste your URL for your summer reading blog
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