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LEARN Internships
Thank you for your interest in mentoring interns from LEARN academy. Please take a moment to fill out this form to get the process started!

Internships will run from August 26, 2019 - September 20, 2019
Tell us a little bit about your company.
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What is your company address? *
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Who is the primary contact who will coordinate this internship on your end? *
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What is their email? *
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What languages / frameworks does the company use?
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Is the company looking to hire a junior dev at this time?
(not mandatory to answer, just useful for us to have an idea)
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Will you be able to provide at least 30 hrs/week of coding (or coding related) work? *
Please give a brief description of what the interns will be working on
It's okay if this is general for now (things like fixing bugs or adding features are fine)
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Is there an experienced programmer at the company who is committed to mentor the interns? *
Will the mentor be on site with the interns? If no, explain in what way mentorship will be provided? *
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How many interns would you like to work with? *
We have a minimum of two students per company, so they can support each other at the internship. If this is a problem, please contact Bryan to talk about options.
Will the internship be conducted at your office or remotely (i.e. with interns working elsewhere) *
Will the interns need to have/bring their own laptop?
If the interns do need their own laptop, what operating systems will be compatible for work at your company?
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Will the internship be paid or unpaid?
Unpaid internships are legal and okay with us as long as you follow these federal (and state adopted) requirements:
We typically schedule 20 minute long, individual student interviews. Do you anticipate needing longer than this amount of time?
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Is there any secondary application process or background check interns will need to undergo before starting? *
If so, please describe the process
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