pPlan Product development strategy survey introduction

!!!!!!!! Work in progress - still need to complete creation of this survey !!!!!!!!


This survey is about what product/services you think will be useful - or successful in ~10 years time.

Although the questions apply generally to the landscape of education and personal/professional
development - they also relate to a specific online application called pPlan and possiblie variants (see figure 1 below) that I am developing. Broadly speaking pPlan aims to address the issue of providing students with more personalised support by helping them find their element, be that their career path, the right college course...And provide support roles such as Tutors, Coaches, Counsellors with the information and features to provide useful and insightful feedback

Figure 1: Product context and market revenue streams
Three different markets for different versions of pPlan
Survey introduction continued: about technology and personalisation
The current Prototype is 1B at http://pplan-prototype1b.herokuapp.com. This page https://pplan-prototype1b.herokuapp.com/about provides more information. Such as the systems architecture (overview) and other more specific research questions than are being asked in this Suvey. Please register or review the guidance

Whilst the responses will remain anonymous; the data may form the basis of disseminated research.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and is comprised of 4 sections.

Helpful hints for completing the survey

• Please read each question carefully and answer the questions as fully as possible

• Answer the all questions unless asked otherwise

• If you are asked to explain your previous answer, please use the space provided

• To submit your responses press continue until you reach the last page of the survey

Please note that once you have clicked on the CONTINUE button at the bottom of each page you can not return to review or amend that page.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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