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All other questions can be handled on FB Messenger or info@middleschoolmatchup.com

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Most of the items below are no brainers and do not apply to 98% of the wonderful coaches that volunteer their time for this event. Thank you. However, we still need to make sure things are taken care of because we have seen an increase in 'challenges'. /RantON At the end of the day we want this thing to be really fun and it can be competitive just like it is. There is no need to be too clever here. If you are the type of person who wants to skirt rules, exploit loop holes just to win this fun event then you probably want to rethink this. /RantOFF
I am going to be cool like Fonzie! *
This is a 'different' tournament. If you are the type that likes to write long abrasive emails to TD's or act like a fool on social media then this is probably not the right opportunity for you :)  If you have worked with us before you know we go out of our way to make things right.
I understand how teams are formed and have reviewed all the FAQs *
http://www.middleschoolmatchup.com/faq/ - this is especially important with two team schools/grades.
I understand attendance rules and promise to follow and uphold them. *
Every kid on your team should 100% physically attend the school and grade they are listed for unless they have permission from Team MSM. If you hear or see otherwise you will notify MSM. Sometimes it's simply a mistake other times...not so much. WE NOW HAVE AN ONLINE ATTENDANCE VALIDATION SYSTEM THAT ALL PLAYER WILL RUN THOUGH.
I will not recruit kids outside of my school in attempt to get them to be a combo team with my team or ask them to sign up as another school *
We love coaches who love MSM and what it's trying to do and recruiting players inside your school is awesome. Thank you so much! However, Recruiting players from other schools to sign up under your school or in hopes to form a combo team that happens to match your club team is not cool. If we find out you are doing that on purpose you will be removed.
I agree to only play the official roster given by MSM - Yes, even on bracket day. *
Your roster is the only roster you have and can't be changed by anyone other than MSM Staff. If you are short a player do not take it upon yourself to fill it yourself. We have a program just for that with roving players. If you are obviously doing that you will be removed.
I understand that I am not the Coach until I am officially named the Coach. *
Don't assume anything please. No one is officially named a coach, regardless of previous coaching, until the Tournament Director has contacted you. Please do not contact parents, hold practice, etc until the Tourney Director has contacted you. We always receive emails from parents about 'the coach said this' before a coach has even been selected. Lets put an end to that madness :) It creates a ton of confusion to parents and players
I understand that I will need to pick up team gear the weekend before MSM (or arrange someone) and that After gear is handed over. I am responsible for it. *
We hand out player gear the weekend before (you will get a lot of details). You are a team member MUST pick it up that day and build your player packages. It takes about an hour.
I agree to a background check *
I am technically savvy enough to join some sort of Private Facebook group or group communication platform. *
Communication is always a challenge. We may ask you to join some sort of communication platform. We think this might help everyone.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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