Harley Wylde's Christmas Card List
Do you want to receive a holiday card from Harley Wylde for December 2020? Complete the form below. There are a limited number of holiday cards available.
If you'd like to contact Harley, you can reach her via email at harleywylde@gmail.com or via postal mail to:
Harley Wylde
PO Box 163
Tipton, TN 38071 USA
By completing this form, I consent to receive a holiday card from Harley Wylde. I understand the cards will be mailed to the address I provide below, exactly as I type it, and Harley is not responsible for misdelivered items. My email will only be used to ensure my holiday card is delivered to the correct address. I understand that due to the limited availability, signing up does not mean I will receive a card. *
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