Proposal for MassCUE Sponsorship
*Any event recommended for approval by DOC must support the mission and vision of MassCUE and must be open to all.
Aligns with at least one of our Goals
Leverages knowledge and expertise to educate and inspire the educational community
Increases and diversifies programs and services​
Accomplishes more than MassCUE could alone
Aims to improve teaching and learning in the Commonwealth
Maintains MassCUE’s commitment to high standards
Enhances and expands MassCUE’s reach
Provides high-quality professional learning
Creates excitement about technology in education
Promotes and encourages MassCUE membership
Is open and free to all MassCUE members
The event should occur no sooner than 30 days from the date of the request.
The event should be run by volunteers whose primary job is the education of Massachusetts children in a school setting.
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How does your event align to the Goals of MassCUE? *
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Sponsorship Notification
If your event is selected to be Sponsored, you will be notified by MassCUE.
During the event the member facilitating the event will acknowledge the sponsorship from MassCUE.

Within thirty days after the event, the member facilitating the event will write and submit an article, including 3 photos, about the event for MassCUE’s online newsletter OnCUE. The article should be submitted via email to:

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