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Entries are required and may be submitted for consideration at any time. Please submit one form for each piece of artwork being submitted for consideration. Thank you for sharing your artwork and story with us!
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All artists who have been diagnosed with infertility or a condition causing infertility. Artists who have experienced recurrent miscarriage or infant loss. All artists who need to use assisted reproductive technology to build their families. (Single parents by choice, same sex couples, etc.) We welcome artwork from individuals and families at all stages of their infertility journeys. Because Infertility is a private matter for some, you have the option to remain anonymous if you choose.
Work Eligible
Original artwork that has been created during the artist’s infertility journey and/or works that explore themes and/or emotions surrounding Infertility. Works may be executed in any medium, and in a two- or three-dimensional format. We also welcome high resolution digital files, high quality reproductions of original works, pieces of writing, music, choreography and more. If you have any questions about eligibility, please do not hesitate to ask. You can learn more at our website,, by emailing, or calling Elizabeth at (517) 262-3662.
Condition of Artwork
All hanging works must be prepared for hanging and should have screw eyes, wire, or other proper hanging devices attached. Failure to properly prepare for hanging could result in pieces not being included in the show. Please note “top” where necessary. For an instructional video on how to wire a frame for hanging, visit Note - If you don't have a drill, you can use a screw driver. Also, you can start the hole for the D-ring with a hammer and nail instead of an awl or screw driver.
Entry Fee
There is no fee for entry. You may enter as many pieces of artwork as you would like. However, while we will make every effort to include at least one piece of artwork from each artist, inclusion of more than one piece may be limited by our gallery and storage space. If you would like to help us offset storage and exhibit costs, you can support our mission at
Artwork Images
Please send a digital file/photo of your piece to Files must be a minimum of 1800 pixels in the widest direction at 300 dpi. Please include your name and the title of the artwork in the subject line. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your images. If you do not receive confirmation, do not assume that your images have been received. Please try again or call Elizabeth Walker at (517) 262-3662.
Artists are responsible for the cost of preparing the artwork for display as well as covering shipping costs for delivery. Unless other arrangements are made, accepted works must be mailed to

The ART of Infertility
c/o Elizabeth Walker
712 Oakdale Ave.
Jackson, MI 49203

Contact Elizabeth Walker at (517) 262-3662 with any questions or concerns.

Special Exhibits - THE ART of IF will be responsible for works until they are returned to the artist. The ART of IF will not be responsible for works delivered in any damaged condition. Artists are encouraged to properly pack their artwork for delivery. All packing material that the artist plans to reuse MUST be clearly marked with the artist’s name.

Permanent Collection - Once received, the artwork becomes the property of the ART of Infertility and may be used in any manner ART of IF sees fit. Artist credit will be given, whenever possible and permitted by the artist.

Return of Artwork
Artwork for special exhibits/on loan will be returned to the artist by the date indicated by the artist below.
Special Exhibits - A 30% commission will be charged on all sales made during the exhibition. Prices remain fixed during the show.

Permanent Collection - The proceeds of any artwork sold from the permanent collection will belong to the ART of IF.

Exhibited Pieces
The artist will periodically be informed of where, when, and how their pieces are being used by the ART of IF.
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If artwork is on loan, please indicate the date by which you would like your artwork returned.
Tell us about this piece. This information will be displayed on the exhibit label along with information from your artist's statement. Think about why you created this piece of art. Why did you make it? How does it connect to your infertility journey? What do you want viewers to understand about this piece of art as they look at it. Thinking and addressing these questions will only enhance the connection viewers make. Here is a link to examples. We also ask that you record your labels and send them to us as an audio file. (It can be as simple as using the voice memo feature on your phone and sending it to us.) We're trying to add to the accessibility of our content by including audio recordings. Plus, it's very powerful to hear the words in the writer's own voice. Recorded label information does not have to be exactly the same as the label information you submitted. For an example, check out this link *
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