St. Christopher's EYC Covenant
To create a Christian community during our events, the following guidelines are to be accepted for St. Christopher's Episcopal Youth Community. The success and enjoyment of our experience in Christian fellowship largely depends upon mutual respect and responsibility.

1. I will not bring or possess any form of weapon; including knives, firearms, or fireworks.
2. I will not devalue anyone; such as name-calling or indicating to another that he/she is worthless.
3. I will not strike or hit anyone; I will respect the personal space of others.
4. I will not bring, use, or be under the influence of any drug including alcohol, tobacco, or over the counter stimulants.
5. I understand that there will be designated times for me to use cell phones, pagers, radios, recorders, tape and CD, DVD, mp3 players, iPod's, TV's, electronics and video games. I will not use these items during program/work-site time or they will be taken away and returned at the end of the event.
6. No youth is to drive during the course of the event or activity until returning home at the conclusion of the event.
7. No one is to be deprived of the basic needs of food, shelter, sleep or clothing during any youth event. The National Episcopal Church requirement of 8 hours sleep is the minimum for every event for all participants, sponsors, and event staff.
8. All prescription or over the counter medication must be in its original container and is to be turned in to the event
nurse at registration. Prescription medication must be in original container WITH child's name on the label.
9. Consideration and respect for others is expected at all times. Lights out, quiet times and prayer times are a few examples of when to demonstrate your thoughtfulness and silence.
10. Sexual relations between youth and youth/adults or inappropriate displays of affection, flirting, etc. will not be tolerated. Offensive or sexual language is not considerate or respectful to the community.
11. I will not enter any sleeping area other than my own.
12. All participants, youth and adults will take responsibility for dressing appropriately:
• Under garments or may not be exposed.
• Pajamas may be worn only in sleeping area.
• Midriffs may not be exposed.
• Modest shorts are required.
• Modest bathing suits are required. In the event a participant wears an immodest suit, they will be required to wear a dark colored t-shirt (no string bikinis or mesh bathing suits, undergarments are in considered appropriate swim wear).
• Participants will be asked to change if their attire is inappropriate.
• Open toes shoes are not allowed on any work-site - only closed toed shoes are acceptable.

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