Gourd Gathering at Cherokee
Thank you for your interest in teaching at the Gourd Gathering at Cherokee. Forms must be submitted no later than January 15, 2019.

Please complete and submit this form for each individual class you would like to teach.. If you would like to teach an individual class twice during the event, leave a comment at the bottom of the form. Do not submit the class twice. If there is space, we will add your second class.

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Class Submission Instructions
Please give an accurate description of what will be accomplished in the class. A list of specific techniques that a student would learn would help "sell" your class.

If students will be required to bring items/tools, then they need to be specifically listed in that section. If students are providing a gourd for the class, specific dimensions or type should be provided. If you are providing the gourd please include the size in your description.

Class cost should be reflective of the amount of items students are required to bring and the prep time required of the instructor prior to Gourd Days.

Maximum number of students is twelve. If you wish to have a smaller class please add that information at the bottom of the form.

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What do you need to teach your class
Any additional Information you would like to add: (i.e. smaller class number or repeating the class)
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Class Sample Photo Submission
The photo for your class is what will “sell” your class. Photos will be used on our website and hopefully on many Facebook pages. Please email a photo of your class project to suzi.nonn@gmail.com Photo files should be saved as the instructor's last name and class title.
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