Is Smarter Bridal the smart choice for your wedding dress?
We're not for every bride, but we've got a great service that caters to the one's who want it all for less!  Smarter Bridal strives to give every bride an excellent customer experience. We help you save money while still getting a top notch quality wedding dress for your big day. 

Take this quiz to find out if Smarter Bridal is the right choice for you.
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Do you have a  budget for your wedding? *
Are you looking for ways to cut your wedding costs? *
Do you want to find ways to cut costs but not quality or your dream wedding? *
Are you finding a hard time finding your perfect wedding dress? *
Are wedding dresses you love, over your budget? *
Are there other wedding expenses you would prefer to spend money on than your dress? *
Are you ok not having a designer (as in you would see in wedding magazines) wedding dress assuming it is of the same quality? *
Do you like the idea of saving hundreds of dollars on costly alterations? *
Do you like the idea of saving hundreds of dollars on costly alterations? *
Would you love a one of a kind not seen before wedding dress made specifically for you? *
Do like not having to pay tax on your wedding dress purchase? *
Would you like a custom made veil that matches your wedding dress (for A LOT less that is typical in bridal stores)? *
Do you like free shipping? *
Do you want personal 5 star service when purchasing your dream wedding dress? *
Do you want a money back guarantee for your wedding dress purchase? *
Is $1,000 within budget for you dream wedding dress?  This price includes, top notch service, free shipping, no upcharge for plus size, no tax, custom measurements and discounted accessories. *
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