A Temple More Spacious Than The Heavens
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Our parish has been presented with an opportunity and a challenge. We have been offered a gift of $5000 towards the beautification of the temple. As you may know, we have discussed this at the All Parish Meeting in November 2017 and in Parish Council. We would like to use this as seed money to commission an icon of the Theotokos with Christ called the “Platytera” for the large empty space behind the altar. The Platytera is one of the traditional icons for this space and is commonly referred in English as “More Spacious Than The Heavens.” The total cost for such a project--including the installation of the icon--will come to about $22,000. We already have $5000 of that.

Here is the plan:

I am asking you now how much you would be willing to contribute. When we have reached a pledge amount of $12,000 from parishioners (so, $7000 more), then we will create a public-funding campaign. I believe that, between our friends and family as well as the extended Orthodox community, we can raise the rest of the funds.

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