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Thank you so much for your interest in getting involved with The Dean's List! You are now part of a community of empowered people who value collaboration over competition and want to make a difference in their community.

At Monticello, Thomas Jefferson invited groups of legislators from various political parties for good wine, good friends, and good conversation with his “Jeffersonian Dinners”.

We are bringing together diverse, powerful trailblazers - discovering our common humanity and opening up our minds to concepts we would have never been exposed to otherwise. Authentic, civil, and genuine dialogue where NO PHONES are allowed and opinions are encouraged.

Each dinner party is personally designed as an intimate gathering to spark meaningful conversation, new friendships, and knowledge sharing. 10 Women. 1 Expert. 1 Host. 1 Topic.

More Info:, @mydeanslist
Contact ATL Liaison: Kendall Trammell, @ktram93,
Recruitment: Kelsey Huffines, @KelseyHuffines,
Photographer: Lyric Lewin, @lyriclewin,
Founder: Meredith Dean, @merenator,

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