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Business design is a revealing service designed to strip away everything that's not working in your business and create what does work - from a profit, time and energy standpoint. As such you should be aware that this process may challenge you to see your business - and yourself - in ways that you may not have previously considered or thought possible.

And that means that somewhere in between your search for the right business support and hiring me, we need to have an honest conversation about your business.

Will I be able to cover everything in this application? No, but we can accomplish a lot more than you think!

We are going to dig into the goal you have, your budget, ideal timelines for changes you want to see, and learn more about the right options for your needs.

The following questions will help you prepare for this new journey.

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What's the biggest obstacle standing in the way of your business success right now?
Why is now the right time to consider making changes to your business?
What is it about this work that you are excited about and looking forward to doing?
What has your process (and support) looked like in the past to build and grow your business?
What do you need from my as your business designer for it to be a successful relationship for you?
Tell me about another time you need to solve a growth problem in your business and how you solved it.
What is your ideal realistic timeline to start seeing changes in your business and bottomline?
How long have you been in business?
Anything else you'd like me to know or want clarity on while I review your application?
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