Deposit Fee Return Form
This form is only valid for teams that take part of Stadium Basketball Cup's school accommodations during 2019.

Your team must leave the classroom clean and well maintained after the cup to be able to get the deposit fee back. Please ask a Stadium Basketball Cup staff member to show you how the room should be cleaned, and also ask a staff member to approve of the condition of the room before you leave.

Deposit fees will start being returned Wednesday April 24 2019 according to the information that you write in this form. Make sure to fill in the form correctly otherwise we might have difficulties returning the deposit back to you and your organization.

If you have questions - contact us at

⛹Thank you for taking part of Stadium Basketball Cup 2019!😄🏀

*If a question isn't relevant for your team/organization - write "Not valid" as a reply and then continue to the next question.

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