Caribbean XMas Cake Contest Registration Form 2018
Reasons to enter the contest: share culture, inspire and instill Caribbean tradition/identity/pride in Caribbean-Canadians including young attendees (children and youth), connect with community, partner with nonprofit (ie CWS), showcase their talent, business exposure (for professional bakers), bragging rights, have fun, build portfolio/merits, networking

1. Date/Time/Venue: December 15 from 1 - 4 PM; Downsview Hub - 70 Canuck Avenue, North York M3K2C5 (two-storey brown building near the playground)

2. TWO separate contest categories: HOME BAKERS and PROFESSIONAL BAKERS. Home Baker is defined as a person who bakes goods for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY. Professional Baker is defined as a person who bakes goods for SALE.

3. Upon arrival between 1:00 PM - 1:20 PM, sign-in at the registration table and ask for "Camille".

4. Entry cakes must arrive in an obscured container and "presentation-ready". "Final touches" to your cake, if required, are allowed on-site, no later than 1:30 PM.

5. Contestants will be disqualified from the contest if their cake (of any size) is not in position on the judging table by 1:30 PM.

6. Contest cake (any size) must be fully prepared/decorated, in advance, to enter the contest. Each cake will be rated (by judges) on taste, texture and presentation.

7. Contestants will be disqualified from the contest, if their apparel, cake, display, accessories, etc either hint or indicate the Caribbean country(ies) that are being represented

8. Contestants will be disqualified from the contest, if they tell or hint to anyone in attendance which cake is theirs BEFORE the judging segment has completed

9. Judging will commence at exactly 2:30 PM

10. Judges will NOT know the Bakers or Caribbean countries being represented until after they have completed the judging

11. Cakes will be scored by each of the 3 judges: from 1 - 3 (3 being the highest) on PRESENTATION/DISPLAY; from 1 to 3 (3 being the highest) on TASTE; from 1 to 3 (3 being the highest) on TEXTURE. The scores will be added together for a total score out of 27.

12. The highest score out of 27 will be declared the winner. Should there be a tie for first place, a 4th judge will be asked to participate.

13. All contest cakes will be considered a donation to the Caribbean Women's Society fundraising activities. Contestants are not permitted to sell cake slices or vend.

14. After the contest has taken place, all Contestants will be invited by the MC to share their experience (e.g. memory, recipe, tradition, etc) of Caribbean cake, with the audience. Please reply to this email ASAP if you choose to decline this invitation.

15. The Winner will receive the "2018 Winner of the Caribbean Christmas Cake Contest" trophy, social shoutout (3400 followers), feature in newsletter (500 subscribers), and ONE free membership to CWS, C5 or CCPU.

16. The Runners-up will receive a consolation prize for participating.

17. All Professional Bakers are welcome to bring/distribute their business cards and/or solicit customers.

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