IV NEXT 2019
IV Next by Ionian Village and Leadership 100 is innovative ministry for young adults.

“I graduated from GOYA, I’m in college/graduated, I’m too old to go to camp, I have to work this summer....what’s next for me?”

IV Next is what’s next.

For young adults across the Archdiocese, the question of what is next in their life is constant, and almost unceasing. Finally, an answer has emerged: IV Next is what’s next.
Working together with and funded in part by a gracious Leadership 100 grant, IV Next will continue programming started in 2018 focusing on the young adult experience of the Greek Orthodox faith and their Hellenic identity. With influential excursions of the classic Ionian Village program and access to mentors from Leadership 100, IV Next aims to assist its participants in their journey to become young, professional Orthodox Christians.

Dozens of colleges and universities offer study abroad programs in Greece, and many of the programs of our own diaspora have programs similar to this. However, IV Next is the only travel based program for young adults that has our Greek Orthodox faith as a core tenet of the program. Only IV Next combines professional development, international travel, and the Orthodox Faith into one all-inclusive program.

Participants of the IV Next program will be selected by filling out the following online application. Participants will be required to get themselves to JFK for departure to Greece. The costs associated with this program (flight to and from Greece, meals, travel, lodging) are partially-subsidized through a generous grant from Leadership 100. Accepted Participants are required to pay the $1,500 cost upon acceptance.

Be a part of the conversation!

In addition to this application, please have two (2) letters of recommendation (one professional and one from a priest/Spiritual Father) sent to ionianvillage@goarch.org by March 24, 2019.

Full applications must be submitted by March 24th 2019. IV Next runs from June 2-13th, 2019.

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