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Multicultural Day Survey
Please answer the following questions about the CCHS Multicultural Day held on April 7, 2016.
This question is about the schedule on Multicultural Day. Please check all that apply.
Could you have used more space for your booth?
Did you have more space for your booth than you needed?
Were you happy with where your table was located?
If you were not happy with your table location, where would you have liked your booth to be located?
Did someone take your table before you were able to set up for the event?
Did you have more than two students who worked your booth?
Was the gym too crowded on Multi-Cultural Day?
Was the cafeteria too crowded on Multi-Cultural Day?
What can we do to make Multi-Cultural Day less crowded?
Did having Multicultural Day in two different places help or harm the event?
Overall, were you pleased with the Multi-Cultural Day set up?
Do you think that Multi-Cultural Day was well organized?
Did you require power for your booth?
If you requested power, did the power work for your booth?
Did you like the idea of the passports and stickers?
Do you think that the passports encouraged people to learn about the other cultures?
What is your opinion on the giving out of food?
What was your WORST experience during Multi-Cultural Day?
What was your BEST experience during Multi-Cultural Day?
What do you think we could do to improve next year's Multi-Cultural Day?
Who (or which Culture) had the BEST Multi-Cultural Day Booth?
Tell us about yourself.
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