EURADOS Questionnaire
Dear colleagues,

Eurados Working Group 12 is circulating a questionnaire "Dosimetry in Dental CBCT Imaging" to determine whether dosimetry measurements are undertaken on dental CBCT systems. In addition, it wishes to identify how measurements are made and the frequency of testing.

Thank you in advance for completing this questionnaire.

Dosimetry in Dental CBCT Imaging
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1. Patient dose measurements are assessed:
2. Default/standard exposure parameters are used clinically?
3. Local diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) are established?
If "No", please proceed to Question No. 7
4. Local DRLs are established for:
Please list the clinical protocols and the DRL
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5. How are local DRLs determined?
How many patients do you take into account?
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6. What is your definition of standard sized patient (jaw, head, age, etc.)?
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7. Has your country established National DRLs for dental CBCT imaging protocols?
8. Please complete the table in Worksheet "clinical protocol details" available at the link in the email message. Technical data for the standard , protocol should be entered into this table.
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9. What dose quantity do you use to estimate patient dose?
Please tick the appropriate box & then proceed to answer the questions associated with the relevant dose quantity/quantities overleaf. You may select more than one option.
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