I Would Tell You a Secret Pre-Order Form
Thank you for ordering my book! It will be released May 20th officially but I may be able to get it to you sooner. I will coordinate you via email to get you the book. All books ordered through this form will come with a note from me to you.
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Payment Details
- Retail cost is $17
- Shipping is $3

This retail cost was set by the publisher but they are all coming from me, which means we can do whatever we want! *No parents! No rules! * If you cannot afford this cost and want a book (especially if you hold any of these identities: BIPOC, queer, trans, disabled, poor/working class) then give less or email me and we can work out a sliding scale price or trade! hrdansky@gmail.com

How to pay:
1. After you fill out this form, venmo me here: @hayden-dansky [if it asks for my last 4 digits: 1855]
2. You can pay via cash or check if you come to pick up the book from my house or would like to mail it to me.
3. If neither of these options work, email me and we will coordinate something else: hrdansky@gmail.com
How will you pay? *
If you want more than one book, please tell me how many and who they are for (if you want them addressed to someone else)
Getting the book to you
Here we will coordinate logistics. Options!
1. PICK UP: If you are local, I would love it if you could come pick it up from my house. If this works, I will have some times that I leave them out for you to grab them and will email you to coordinate this.
2. SHIPPING: If you are not local or cannot come get it from my house, I will send it to you, but will need you to help pay for shipping. Please give an extra $3 for shipping.
3. DROP OFF: This is only for the few people that I see sometimes anyway. Maybe I frequently hike with you or work with you... If I'm going to see you anyway, I'll bring it to you.
How would you like to receive your book? *
If you would like it shipped, what is your address?
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