CON.TXT 2018 PRE.TXT Survey
As the concom starts to gear up for CON.TXT 2018, we'd like to get your thoughts on a few things. Please fill out this survey to help us make this the con you want.
Last year we switched to a new format for dealers with a 3-hour Fan Fair on Saturday afternoon. We're planning to keep that format this year. How does the length work for you?
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Would you be interested in a buying a table for the Fan Fair?
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We are thinking of selling CON.TXT merch. How likely are you to purchase any of these items?
Very Unlikely
Not Sure
Very Likely
Tote bag
Water bottle
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Any other CON.TXT branded items you would be interested in purchasing?
If we have a contest to design a special CON.TXT 2018 shirt with the winner receiving a free shirt (and possibly other swag), would you be interested in entering?
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Which of these things would you like to see in the Upsuite? Downsuite?
Board games
Arts and crafts supplies
Coloring books
Any other things you'd like to see in the Upsuite and/or the Downsuite?
Here are some foods and drinks we are considering providing in the Upsuite. Please check all the ones you are interested in.
Any other food or drink you would like to see in the Upsuite?
Would you be interested in a CON.TXT 2018 app?
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Please respond with your email address if you would like the concom to contact your regarding any of your survey responses. If you leave this blank, your response will remain anonymous.
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