Fall 2020 WAC Faculty Training Seminar application
FAU is pleased to announce its Fall 2020 WAC Training Seminar Series in support of innovation and instructional improvement in general education. Eligible participants are graduate assistants, adjuncts, instructors, or tenure-track faculty who teach or plan to teach a WAC-designated course within six months of participating in the seminar. Interested faculty should review the requirements for College Writing II Substitute Courses and 2000-4000 level Writing Across the Curriculum courses at www.fau.edu/wac.

Please use this form to sign up for one of this semester's training seminars in advance of the training you would like to attend. Deadline for Session 1 (September) is Friday, September 4th. Deadline for Session 2 (October) is Friday, September 25th.

Note that all faculty must participate in WAC training within one semester of teaching their first WAC course. Thus, if instructors are currently teaching a WAC course without training, they will not be able to teach a WAC course again until they participate in a WAC seminar.

If you have any questions, please contact the WAC Director, Prof. Jeff Galin (jgalin@fau.edu) or the WAC Assistant Director, Julianne Zvolensky (jzvolensky@fau.edu).
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