Austin Lost and Found Pets: Foster Application
Application to foster animals with Austin Lost and Found Pets.
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Do you rent or own? *
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If renting, does your management allow this pet in your home? *
Do you have a fenced yard, or will pet be taken out on a leash at all times? *
If fenced yard, what kind of fence?
Do you use crate training?  If yes, how many hours will the foster pet be kept in a crate? *
How many hours will the foster pet be left alone in a 24-hour period? Where will the foster pet be kept? *
Will foster pet be kept indoors or outdoors the majority of the time? *
Where will the foster pet sleep in your home? *
Would you allow a home visit by a Rescue Volunteer? *
If no, please explain.
Current/Previous Pet Information
# of Pets in Household *
Please list each pet in household including type (cat, dog, etc.), age, gender, breed.
Are all pets up to date on vaccinations?  If not vaccinated, why? *
Are all spayed/neutered?  If not, why? *
Are all up to date on flea/tick & heartworm preventative? If not on preventatives, why? *
Any pets with medical or behavioral issues? *
Has there been Parvo or Distemper at your home in the last 10 years? *
If yes, how long ago? *
Type N/A if answer above is "No."
Regular Veterinarian's Name & Phone Number *
What other rescues/shelters have you fostered for in the past?  How recently? *
What type of pet do you prefer to foster? *
For example: active, special needs, medical/behavioral issues, elderly, puppy, needs socializing
Are you willing to provide transport to scheduled vet visits, special medical treatment, give monthly preventatives, and continue searching for this animal's family? *
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