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LBA Season 2017/18

Please read the following. By completing this form you agree with the disclaimer below.

I understand that there is risk of injury associated with participating in any exercise programme or sports activity and I certify that I am in good physical condition and have no known health conditions that might otherwise be detrimental to my health or well-being. I understand that The London Basketball Association and London Rec Basketball accept no liability for any accidents, injuries or any responsibility for lost valuables whilst attending our sessions.

I certify that all of the information I provide below is true and accurate.

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The player and their parent/guardian give consent for photographs or recorded images to be taken. The signee(s) have read and understand the 'Guidelines for the use "Protecting Young People Under the Age of 18 and vulnerable Adult"s' of the LBA's Data Protection Policy, which you can find in the league rules. Please Note: All data will only be used towards LBA objectives and never sold to third parties.
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By checking this box you agree to the LBA to storing your personal data. The LBA will not sell the data to any other parties. We will use this data to contact you about other opportunities through the LBA, its successors, and subsidiaries. We only collaborate with upstanding organizations and the LBA are doing fantastic work within London communities raising the standard and quality of basketball while upholding the best standards and practices to serve our users. Any information collected is only used in line with our charitable objectives. This data will also be kept for our records to be sent to our funders as some require proof via user data. We will store this data until we no longer need it for our records, then we will erase it from our servers and notify you accordingly once that data has been erased. You can contact the LBA at and request that we erase your data before this. In which case we will process the request and have your data erased no longer than 1 month from making request should your request comply with the rules on accepting the right to erasure as laid out by the GDPR. Should we refuse the right to erasure you can file a complaint by calling +442037780075 or contact the Information Commissioner's Office at 03031231113 or email at
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