LCRF-IRES 2017 Application
For the 2017 program in Budapest, Hungary.
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Please enter your name EXACTLY as it appears in your passport or on a government-issued identification card.
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If you have citizenships/nationalities of countries other than the US, please list them here.
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Participants are required to have a valid passport for travel. Please indicate, as appropriate, one of the following:
Countries Recently Visited
Please mark/list all foreign countries visited in the past five years.
Language skills in Hungarian. *
Please assess your overall ability in Hungarian on a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 is no knowledge, 1 represents elementary knowledge, and 5 full proficiency. Hungarian proficiency is not required for placement at either site.
No knowledge
Current e-mail address (valid through September 2017) *
Name and e-mail address of a reference. *
Contact information for your current research supervisor is highly recommended.
Why are you interested in participating in the LCRF-IRES program? *
Briefly state your motivation of why you wish to participate in the program.
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