Any member of IHSPA may apply to serve as an officer on the Executive Board. The Board, which meets about every four to six weeks, serves the membership through activities beneficial to scholastic journalism. The term of office is one year (fall convention to fall convention) with the membership voting on this year's candidates during the Adviser Business Meeting on Oct. 19, 2018.

A nominating committee will present a slate of officers at the fall convention based on applications received. If slated, members of the current Board move up to the next position while new officers round-out positions and responsibilities.

To apply for a position on the Board, simply fill out the application form below and send it along with an explanation of your qualifications by the application deadline, which is Sept. 15, 2018. To be eligible for a position on the board, an adviser must teach journalism or be involved with student publications at an IHSPA member school. Each member school may nominate one candidate for the adviser board.

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Explain your qualifications, goals and reasons for applying. Remember, being an officer is a commitment to the Indiana High School Press Association.
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