Planeterra Foundation- Project Proposal Submission Form
Planeterra is always interested in supporting new initiatives around the globe. Help us help you turn travel into impact by filling out the form below with details on your proposed project. New projects or existing programs looking for support should:

1) Benefit disadvantaged youth, women, marginalized communities, Indigenous communities, non-profit organizations, or the environment.

2) Involve a local organization already operating on the ground in the area (this could be your own organization). Planeterra typically works with nonprofits, community organizations, social enterprises and environmental organizations.

3) Proposed tourism enterprises should provide one of the following services: accommodation, meal, transportation, tours/experiences, or souvenirs/handicrafts.

4) Enterprises must be able to be integrated into the travel itineraries of one of our travel partners to ensure guaranteed customer base:
- G Adventures:
- Travelsphere:
- Just You:

Please be as specific as possible when answering the questions below.
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What is the project idea? If the project proposal is for a grant to an existing non-profit organization to support a specific program, please describe it here. Also, if you are a current Planeterra partner, please let us know here. *
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Who does the organization or project idea primarily support? *
How would the local community benefit from this project? *
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If you are a community group, is there a local organization in the area we could work together with to implement your project idea? Can you provide a website or email contact? *
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If your project is to develop a tourism service or experience, what kind of service or experience do you currently or plan to provide? Please check ALL that apply. *
In order to assess the potential for your project to be included in tour itineraries, we ask you to review the websites of our travel company partners and suggest potential trips that would be a good fit. (As a reminder, our travel partners are: G Adventures, Travelsphere and Just You).
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Is there currently a Planeterra project included on the trip you selected ? If yes, what project? *
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What is needed from Planeterra to make this project a success? Please check ALL that apply. *
Do you have an estimated budget for your proposal? If so, what is the estimated amount in USD that you would like Planeterra to consider?
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