2019 Wisconsin State Shorthorn Show Entries
***Enter for the 2019 Wisconsin State Junior and Open Shows through this online entry portal. Payment will need to be made via mailing a check.
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2019 Rules Junior and Open Show Rules and Health Regulations
• Shows are open to purebred Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus cattle.
• Cattle may begin arriving on the fairgrounds after 10:00am on Saturday, June 16. This is strictly enforced!
• All cattle must be on the fairgrounds by 7:00am Sunday, June 17.
• Cattle check-in will be held Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm-4:00pm and on Sunday between 7:00am-8:00am.
• Steers will be weighed and checked-in at 7:15am Sunday.
• Junior Show starts at 9:00am on Sunday, June 17, followed by the Open Show.
• Generators are encouraged. Generators are not permitted in the barn.
• All cattle must be stalled in the barn; trailer tying is not permitted without permission of Show Manager. Check at registration table before parking trailer. Weather preceding and during our event will impact the possibility of this. Communication will be sent out prior to the event about weather conditions at Lodi and how this will impact our event.
• Exhibitors must provide their own feed and bedding. Exhibitors must clean stalls upon completion of show or before leaving the fair grounds. Manure and bedding must be placed in the manure spreader provided.
• All rules are subject to interpretation by the Show Manager and/or Wisconsin Shorthorn Association Board of Directors.
• The Wisconsin Shorthorn Association, the Lodi Agriculture Fair, or anyone connected with the show is not responsible for
any loss or injury of livestock, feed, equipment or person.

Entry Fees
• Entries postmarked by May 28, 2018 are $20.00 per head per show.
• Entry fees postmarked after May 28, 2018 or paid onsite are $35.00 per head per show.
• To be eligible for both junior and open shows, junior exhibitors must enter and pay fees for both shows. Combined entry fees for both shows are $30 per head and must be paid by May 28th.
• Entry fees are not refundable.

Membership & Age Requirements
• To participate in the junior show, exhibitor must be a paid member of the Wisconsin Junior Shorthorn Association.
• Junior exhibitors must be ages 8-21; age is determined as of January 1 of current year.
• The minimum age to show is age 8; children younger than age 8 are not permitted in the show ring.
• To participate in the open show, exhibitor must be a paid member of the Wisconsin Shorthorn Association. Wisconsin Shorthorn Association membership dues are waived for paid Wisconsin Junior Shorthorn Association members.

Classes & Registrations
• American Shorthorn Association Regional Show Classifications are used for both junior and open shows. See the American Shorthorn Association website for the most current classifications. ShorthornPlus cattle must be 50% or greater Shorthorn.
• Junior show classes include: steers, heifers, cow-calf, bulls, bred and owned heifers and steers, and showmanship. A calf from the cowcalf class may be shown separately if properly entered seperately with paid entry fee.
• To be eligible for the bred and owned heifer and steer class, the junior exhibitor must be listed on the registration papers as the breeder and the owner of the animal.
• All cattle exhibited in the Junior Show MUST have the junior exhibitor’s name listed as one of the owners on the registration papers. Note: This is different than the National Junior Shorthorn Show.
• Junior exhibitors may only be assisted in the show ring by other juniors.
• Open show classes include: heifers, cow-calf, and bulls. A calf from the cow-calf class may be shown separately if properly entered seperately with paid entry fee.
• Registration papers are required for all cattle and must be presented at check-in. The following registrations will be accepted:
a. the original mailed to the owner; or
b. the online registration printed from the ASA website
• All animals must have a legible tattoo and it must correspond to the registration paper.
• Animals without registration papers will not be allowed to show.

Livestock Premise Identification Requirements
• When entering the premise ID number on the entry form, use the ID number for the location where the animal is primarly housed. To register for a Livestock Premise Identification number, go to: www.wiid.org

Animal Health Regulations
• Animal health requirements are subject to change as conditions warrant.
• Cattle from within Wisconsin have no requirements for tests or health documents. Cattle that show evidence of having contagious or infectious diseases may be removed immediately, and may be quarantined or slaughtered. Cattle with ringworm, mange or scabies will be removed from the premises. Animal Health Regulations for Fairs and Shows in Wisconsin: 2018 Season (see http://datcp.wi.gov/Animals/Fairs_and_Shows/index.aspx
• Cattle from outside Wisconsin must: Be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) documenting an offical animal ID and all required tests and certifications. Have at least one form of official individual ID (including steers). Meet all of Wisconsin’s normal requirements for import (see http://datcp.wi.gov/Animals/Animal_Movement/index.aspx)

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