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ICTmsA is open to all solution vendors, distribution partners, independent consultants, project managers, prospective interns & business end-users of information & communications technology managed services. Requirements for individual membership include A) an individual LinkedIn account that evidences your individual role in the ICTms community, B) an active email address, C) a working cell phone number, and D) a desire to communicate with and assist fellow individual ICTmsa members in a transparent manner. Requirements for company membership include A) company LinkedIn account that evidences your company's ICTms business solution experience, and B) individual membership by a company VP or above. Email questions to Questions@ICT.ms
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Only submit a company application AFTER a vice-president (or higher) employee of the company has submitted an individual application.
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Individuals need to submit an individual LinkedIn profile link. Companies need to submit a company LinkedIn profile link. All LinkedIn profiles need to evidence ICTma involvement, intern desire and/or experience of some sort for applications to be considered.
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If you wish to be listed in our "Recommended" solution vendor or distribution provider directory, please provide the top 10 catagory keyword phrases that you wish to be listed under in order of experience (ie security, SD-WAN, connectivity, etc.)  If you are an expert in distributing particular providers, list the name of the provider (ie AT&T, Velocloud, Comcast, etc.)
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