QUIZ 1 - Dagen I
Välkomna till Quiz 1! Genom att gå tipsrundan (endast ett quiz krävs) är ni med och tävlar om goodiebags och andra priser. Quizet innehåller en fråga från respektive företag som medverkar på Dagen I. Svaren finner ni hos de olika företagsrepresentanterna. Stort lycka till!
Namn (för- och efternamn): *
KTH-mail: *
INVERTO - How much has the Stockholm office grown since the start? *
Deloitte - How many people work at Deloitte around the world? *
Student Node - "Do you need help? Call ......" [who should you call?] *
MCF Corporate - What does MCF stand for? *
ABG Sundal Collier - In what year was ABG Sundal Collier founded in? *
Accenture - By when is Accenture set to have 50/50 gender balance? *
Curamando - What is the name of the program all newly recruited graduates will attend at Curamando? *
If - What do you get to do as a Summer Analyst at If? *
Sirona Health Solutions - Our company name is, just like our company, associated with healthcare. What does the word Sirona really mean? *
Navigio - How many employees do we have? *
BearingPoint - BearingPoint recently released the annual report "Digital Leaders in Sweden" - which company was the highest-ranked last year? *
PwC - Which teams do Consulting consist of? *
Klarna Bank AB - In which city is the USA branch located? *
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