Christian Education Survey

Among the many things interrupted by the pandemic, the Christian Education Ministry Team’s rollout of our “Training Disciples” program faced some challenges getting off the ground during the era of social distancing.

We would like to encourage greater participation by finding out what people know about the program, what their perceptions of it are, and how we can improve it and shape it to what people are really looking for. Please answer as many questions as you can, as honestly as you can.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill this out – thank you!!

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1. Have you previously heard of Training Disciples?
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1a. If yes, please write a few words to describe what you’ve heard the program is: 
1b. How did you hear about it? (Please mark all that apply)
2. What age group is Training Disciples for? (Please mark all that apply)
3. How many times have you attended Training Disciples?
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3a. Did you attend:
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3b. If you haven’t attended Training Disciples, or you haven’t gone back, what has kept you from participating? (Please mark all that apply)
3c. If you have participated in Training Disciples, what has been the most meaningful take-away or part of the experience for you? (Try to name 2 or 3 things if you can)
4. What faith questions are you wrestling with? What are some bible/faith related topics would you be interested in exploring?
5. Please rate your level of interest in the following things:
Bible study/discussion
New ways to pray
Spiritual disciplines
Read a book together
Evening prayer service
Morning prayer service
Service-related learning
Intersection of faith and life
Hands-on learning
Ongoing small group/pair
Off-site gatherings
Other* (please specify below)
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! We appreciate it!!
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