Bournemouth Air Festival Application Form
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General Information
- Core trading hours will be from 10:00 – 18:00 hours on each day and are for the full four days only.

- Participants may continue to trade until 20:00 hours on the Overcliff and until 22:00 hours on the promenade on Thursday, Friday & Saturday however there will be no vehicle access after 19:00 hours each day.

- Please note that all bookings will be + VAT.

- The site will be split into five price areas and a map of these areas is enclosed, all sites are on hard-standing: Pier Approach Hard Standing area; Platinum Hard Standing area closest to Bournemouth Pier on the sandy beach; Gold Hard-standing area on the sandy beach or promenade (limited) by East Cliff Zig Zag and Promenade centre of site; Gold Cliff Hard-standing area on East Overcliff Drive; Silver Promenade in the centre of the event site; Bronze Promenade closest to Boscombe Pier.

- The space booked must be large enough to incorporate all aspects of your stand including any vehicles that are part of your stand. You will not be permitted to overhang any aspect of the stand.

- Please note that no balloons of any type are permitted on your stand.

- Other than our designated catering areas there is to be strictly no catering/refreshments, sweets, ice cream or alcohol sold on site. Separate catering facilities will be available.

- Deliveries can be made between 06:30 and 08:30 hours each morning with all vehicles off site by 09:00 hours. Vehicles are also permitted onsite between approximately 18:00 and 19:00 hours (exact times will be confirmed in your pre event information which will be sent out prior to the event). Please note: vehicles must not be onsite outside of the given vehicle access times unless included in your designated space. Any vehicles trying to gain access outside of these times will be sent away. Any vehicles left outside of your space will be escorted off site or towed away.

- Set up will be from 07:00 hours on the promenade or sandy beach and from 1200 hours on the overcliff on Wednesday 30th August, 2017.

- Anybody working within your site must have a participants pass for identification whilst on the stand. These will be given out on arrival.

- Vehicle access passes allow access to the site for set up, break down and deliveries. Vehicles are not allowed on site during the event and will need to be parked in the car park at a charge of £15 + VAT.

- Extra participants passes can be purchased at an additional cost, please see rate card for details.

How to Apply
- All relevant forms must be fully completed and signed before a booking will be made. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.

- Please ensure you have included the completed Application form, Health and Safety Questionnaire, Risk Assessment and copies of your relevant public and products liability & employer’s liability insurance, and any other documentation applicable which can be seen at the end of this application.

- A 50% deposit is due with the application to secure your booking and the balance is payable by 7th July 2017. Any bookings taken after this date will require full payment with the application. Please read the enclosed terms & conditions before submitting an application

Trading Rate Card
Rates are for the full 4 days only and include a company listing within the Souvenir Brochure*

All stand spaces are on hard standing - please see attached map for locations

Pitch Packages
Further Information
For a pitch larger than those sizes stated above we are able offer space on our sandy beach subject to availability. For more information please contact the Commercial team on 01202 454766

Please note: 5 and 6 metre depth spaces are subject to availability and may be on trakway on the sandy beach.

There are a limited number of end pitches across the site where one end of the pitch has a small gap before the next trader. These are available subject to availability at an additional cost of £150. Please note: these gaps do not offer an extension of your pitch, only increased public frontage.

Conversion details: 3 metres = 9.8ft
* Only applications made prior to 17th June, 2017 will be included within the Souvenir Brochure

Additional Passes
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