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Weekly Evening Bible Study - Revelation
This will be a weekly Bible study meeting in the evenings for one hour (or perhaps 90 minutes). We will study the book of Revelation and would probably meet at a local eatery (e.g. Chicken Salad Chick).
Monthly Marriage Meals
The idea of "Marriage Meals" is to gather around the idea of healthy marriage. We would have dinner together once per month. We would commit to read a piece of a book (or perhaps a whole book). Then, as part of an enjoyable meal, we would share our thoughts about what the book said. This group is open to anyone. It would be fantastic to have a mix of younger couples, older couples, people who hope to be married one day, and even people who were married and are not now. I think we could all benefit from the fellowship and the growth that will come from talking coupleship for a while every month. Where? Probably rotating people's homes would be best, unless someone wants to volunteer to be "the place" and we can all bring food to share.
Summer Supper Club
This activity involves two meals. You (single our couple) will be randomly paired with another interested party at Journey of Life. Then you will have two meals together over the summer. You will host one with your Summer Supper Club partner(s) as your guest. Then you will have another meal where you will be the guest of your whoever drew your name(s). You will be responsible for scheduling the dinner. When you are host, you can take your Supper Club partner out to dinner or have them in your home. The big point of this is summer fellowship and getting to know people. I know it's a little risky to throw your name into a hat and commit to 2 dinners with who-knows-who? But I say, "Go for it!" And it doesn't have to be supper. It could be breakfast or lunch.
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