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It's time ... to tell your story!

Calling all aspiring photographers and visual storytellers. Join us for an 8-week visual storytelling journey where we will learn how to tell a story VISUALLY. In this 8 week mentorship program, you will learn the fundamentals of photography, visual expression, editing, composition, and finally, how to prepare and present at an exhibition.

All participants of the program will present a selection of their work at the TEDxYouth@Seattle event, It's Time, on Saturday, May4th.


It almost feels impossible to choose one image to tell a story, but have we ever really tried?

If I could see with your eyes, what would I see? What if one visual could tell me your story, what would it be? The ocean, a leaf, people smiling, hands, eyes, your dog, the night sky?

I AM WHAT I SEE / I SEE WHAT I AM is a question/statement that allows the photographer and the viewer to start a conversation about the world we see and how it shapes us. What if we stopped and asked ourselves, "what am I seeing? How is it making me feel? What visual would we choose to tell the world our stories, our values, our uniqueness way of seeing and feeling things, our ways of fitting in, or rebelling against the status quo."

Our 8 week visual storytelling mentorship will challenge participating youth to learn to use visual storytelling techniques as a language that allows both the storyteller and the viewer to engage in a meaningful visual conversation with a goal to learn to see and appreciate different perspectives,

Our 8-week mentorship program will culminate with a an exhibition of student’s work during the TEDxYouth@Seattle “It’s Time” event on Saturday, May 4th

Mary Gomez Camba, Photographer, TEDx Speaker, Visual Storyteller, Founder of The Think Visual Project

We will discuss the history of photography, editing techniques, composition, lights, visual narrative, and choosing images for exhibition. Participants will have one to one access to instructor feedback as well as have hands-on experience with equipment and studio lighting.

>>Equipment Needed:
A DSLR with interchangeable lenses and a 50MM lens are ideal. Any DSLR camera is ok.

>>Class Schedule/Topic Covered:
Starting on March 3rd @ 10am

Week 1 History of Photography, Equipment, Light
Week 2 Manual Mode vs Automatic, Composition ( M mode is better than A mode )
Week 3 Editing Tools ( 90% of the magic happens while editing )
Week 4 Subject Matter ( What are you photographing )
Week 5 Light in All Environments ( Studio time )
Week 6 Storytelling, Printing, Sharing
Week 7 Writing/The Backstory ( It's fun to give your image a little backstory )
Week 8 Exhibition | TEDxYouth@Seattle Event ( Get ready to be shine )

All classes start at 10am and end at 12 noon.

>>Class Location:
Seattle Academy
1100 12th Avenue, Seattle, 98133

>>Parental Permission:
Yes, you do need your parents permission if you are underage. Most of the classes will take place at the SAAS, but we will occasionally take the class to on-location shoots. Parents will be notified ahead of time so that proper arrangements can be made for drop off and pick up.

>>Who can apply:
Anyone between the ages of 13-23. Participants will be selected on a first come/first served basis. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so go for it. It will be lots of fun!!

>>Cost: Free + your time

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