UX Healthcare London 22nd -24th April 2020. Call for Papers closing 30th September 2019.
UX Healthcare(UXH) will be hosting our 4th Conference in London, United Kingdom 22 - 24th April 2020. Following on from a successful UXH Amsterdam Conference 2019 the UX Healthcare brand will restart in London.

Conference Dates: 22nd - 24th April London, 24th - 26th June Amsterdam, 17th - 18th September 2020.

Our 2020 conference will see the introduction of User Experience Hands-On Workshops. Workshops is an extremely great way to improve your skill set within UX Healthcare.

Ideas for your presentation/workshop submission:
- You inclusive design process to promote accessibility of healthcare for all with your service and/or product.
- Promoting patient-centric transformation within your company providing value for your end user.
- Adapting to complex and evolving digital healthcare landscape with consideration for regulations and ethics.
- Patient autonomy in managing their electronic health records.
- Clinicians, your daily pain point in dealing with bad design within a hospital environment.
- Medical data research and mining. Approach to massive data sets.
- Evolution of Service design within Healthcare 2.0

Share your story, case studies and research with UX Healthcare community globally.
Workshops (Hands-on-Labs): 3 - 4hours. ONLY 2 WORKSHOPS WILL BE SELECTED FOR EACH CITY.
Presentations (Conference topics): 30 - 45minutes

Please register on our Facebook(HealthcareUXD) and Twitter(@uxdhealthcare #UXH20) pages for updates.
Thank you for submitting your topics AND Good Luck
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