APICO Demo - Bug Report
Thank you fellow beekeeper for playing our demo!
We hope you are enjoying your time in the APICO archipelago :D

If you’re here, something has gone wrong and we’d like your help to fix it.
Without your help, bees will continue to sneak into and break the complex machinery behind APICO.

Please use the following form to send us as much information about what happened, and we will try and make some repairs!

Thank you in advance!
@ellraiser and @metakitkat
Bee as detailed as possible!
Try to recall any specific detail that might help us identify what has happened - what items were you holding; what machinery were you using; what keys were you pressing, etc!
What version are you on? (i.e. 1.1) *
Describe the bug you found *
What were you doing when it happened? *
What were you expecting to happen? *
If you try, can you make the bug happen again? If so, how?
If you have a screenshot of the error, please provide a link to the image below: (we recommend using Imgur!)
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